Posted by: Tuhin | February 28, 2010


In this dreary walk of life,

I discovered what I’m made of.

I reinvented my being,

I changed myself to adapt.

Nothing helped me believe,

The role of a soul, I was taught

So I climbed over the highest mountain,

I plunged into the deepest ocean,

I looked beyond the infinite stars,

I scoured inside the warmest hearts,

Nothing gave me the truth,

The real purpose of a soul.

Finally I gave into the cruel fate,

That laid in front of me.

I submerged my flesh and bones,

Under the placid tear pool.

This didn’t aid me either

But my soul stopped bothering me.


  1. A very powerful poem and image….did you create the image?

  2. Thx Martin for appreciating. I dint create the image tho..just was lucky to find the apt one

  3. You sold your soul to the devil

  4. Sold the rest of me to the devil

  5. Wow!! After a long time. Back to reading your poetry. πŸ™‚


  6. πŸ™‚ Yeah after a long time

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