Posted by: Tuhin | January 24, 2010


I woke up one morning

It wasn’t dark either

But I couldn’t find the sun

I think it’s on the run

I step out of my bed

Gone are my walls and doors

There’s nothing down below

Feels like been dumped in a hollow

No one around

No one to answer

No one to comfort

I lose every effort

I was what I was

I remain as I am

Don’t know what I’ve done

Why God left me alone

I sit and wonder

I sit there and ponder

Whilst the darkness engulfs

Whilst I die in silence


  1. This poem captured for me a feeling of depression as well as unwanted seclusion…very good verse.

    • Thnx dude

  2. We were alone, we are alone and we will be alone…but we can choose to be lonely or not

    • Alone – Al’one’ evn the word has ‘one’ in it

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