Posted by: Tuhin | September 29, 2007


She is the prettiest of all
She is so pure and pristine
I see God’s gleam in her eyes
I can feel the dynamic aura she carries
All this time I just admired her
All this time I never realized
I was falling for her
I was in love with her
She is a God sent angel
She taught me to smile
She stopped me from crying
She is my strength
She is my belief
I feel selfish, I feel greedy
Don’t wana give my blessing to anyone
Won’t allow anyone to take my angel from me
I don’t fear even God now
I’ll fight the whole world for her

This Angel is mine


  1. damn it!!! who’s she??? am so J of her! I must know… hehe well confident stuff!

  2. divine!!!!
    happy u hav her….

  3. Anuj – if u J den i wont let u knw who is she šŸ˜›

    Dyna – thnx Dy..yeah divine šŸ™‚

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