Posted by: Tuhin | September 25, 2007

Other Side Of The Coin

A dearest friend of mine, Anuj read my post ‘Story Time’ and saw it from a different perspective and felt like writing the story from a different angle altogether.

To refer my post click here

And here goes her format of the story,

The leaf was enjoying its life on a lush green tree. Enjoying the cool breeze, the drizzle of the first shower, singing in tune with others hanging happily on the tree, careless n free. One day it new the life on tree was to end…it had to leave. It left the life in hands of God thinking the life was to end. But when it fell down from the tree and hit the ant passing under it, it realised that though life on the tree had come to an end, not the life as such. The leaf thought that it hhad found mate for life, but it was walked over by the ant. The leaf saw that ant was in a hurry to find it’s home. Leaf knew ant wouldn’t reach that easily. So it waited for a while to keep a watch on the ant. thinking that it should be present in case ant needs a hand to hold. But didn’t get a call and after a while the leaf knew it was withering away and needed some moisture to keep it alive for some more time, what if the ant needed to reston it any time??? So it thought it ws best to join the river flowing near by also knowing that the same river was in the way to ants home and hoping that it would come across the ant again some day! Suddenly a strong wind blew it and the leaf was more than happy to roll over and fall on the ant. The leaf knew that now was the time, the ant would surely take it with him and so did the ant. He carried the leaf to cross the river and reach his home. The leaf fought against all odds, the winds, the water current, the rains and helped the ant reach the shore. As soon as the shore appeared the ant was in a hurry to reach home or what he thought was his home really. The leaf once again had lost the ant. The ant went quite a stretch away from it and seemed so happy that leaf couldn’t call it back. The leaf knew that what the ant thought to be home was just a mirage but coudn’t help. After a brief wait, the leaf thought that it should join in the flowing current again to stay alive, hoping that some day again the destiny would want it to be with the ant. Hope the destiny feels so too for ant and the leaf!!!!!


– By Anuj


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