Posted by: Tuhin | September 9, 2007

Story Time

The Ant & The Leaf

There was an ant. It lived in a very peaceful place. Under a huge tree he had built his home. There was no one around his home. One day he left his home for his daily chores, to search for food. He felt bored of eating the same food everyday. So he decided to explore a little more in his search for something else to eat. So he went a little far today. He scoured and scoured but in vain. Finally losing heart he decided to go back but to his dismay he had lost track. He couldn’t remember his way back home. He started searching for some trail to his way back. He got panicky. He searched and searched but no luck. Finally the day came to an end and it was turning pitch dark. He could see nothing and he bumped into something. He felt as home but it was only some other tree. He sat there and cried for hours. He kept crying but he couldn’t think of his way back home. He then took shelter under that tree and went off to sleep. Next day, morning rays of bright sun hit his face. He got up. He opened his eyes just to see his home in front of him. He was so ecstatic. He couldn’t control himself. It was like his most happiest day. He started running towards it. His eyes filled with water but still he could see his home in that haziness. He couldnt see anything else but his house. He kept running, as fast as he can, no one to stop, no one to obstruct and suddenly he tripped over. He got annoyed at the obstacle. He dusted himself off and saw that the he tripped over a leaf. It was a broken leaf from the very tree he sat under. He din’t care much about it and got up to run again. As soon as he got up and turned around, he saw a huge flowing river in between him and his home. His heart sank. He ran to the left and then to right but there was no end to this river till far far away. He collapsed there near the river and watched sadly at his home. Though being so near he was not able to reach his home. Strong wind started blowing. He felt the chill down his spine. He got scared by the thought of not able to see his home ever again. The strong wind blew that leaf towards him. He realised that the leaf saved his life or else he would be washed away by the river. He looked at it, it was little torn on sides, little dry but still it looked beautiful. He din’t give much attention to it and kept staring at his home. The sun was setting and again the night was about to engulf him into it’s darkness. Then he decided to cross this wild river whatsoever, but how? He turned towards that leaf. He was not sure if that leaf could be able to help him reach home against this river. He thought of giving it a try as anyway he would die being here without any food and shelter. So he picked the leaf and jumped into the river. Huge waves, wild current, strong wind but the leaf had some magical powers which surprisingly helped it to win this battle. It helped him to reach the other side of the river. He danced with joy and started running towards his home. Suddenly he stopped, he realised that he forgot that leaf completely which made it possible, which helped him win this battle against all odds. He rembered the state of that leaf. It’s bruised and battered condition. He decided to take that leaf home and treasure it. He knew he could take good care of it. He waited and gave it a thought if it would be right, will he be able to restore it’s gleam, will he be able to restore it’s life. He waited and waited and then he eventually made a decision. He decided to take it home and keep it with him for his whole life. He turned around and he couldn’t believe his eyes. He fell on his knees. He forgot about his home. He forgot he was hungry. He forgot he was close to his home. He forgot everything but only thing he rembered was the last time he saw that leaf. The leaf left it’s essence on him. He could still feel it…smell it…wish if he could see it in front of him. He looked at a distance, it was getting carried away by the river. He sat there staring at the direction. He could do nothing. He wished if he could see the leaf for the last time. He wished if he could keep it with him forever. But calmed himself by thinking it’s for the leaf’s own good. He regretted of losing it. He regretted of not able to bring it along with him. He regretted, but it was too late….


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