Posted by: Tuhin | August 28, 2007

Frozen Tears


Under the maple tree
A porch covered with snow
I wipe it out to sit
And shiver in this cold

Same day, last year here
I wasn’t alone to bear the cold
Her warmth to me, battled bravely
With the rider of the winter storm

But soon she pulled her hands away
My nails turned blue
And through my frozen tears
I could still see the path to…

I am here again on this day
Where should I go now??
To the right, it’s way to home
To the left, her closed doors

Street lights switched on
My cracked lips smile with pain
Sudden warmth around me
Made my frozen tears roll down

There she is, so beautiful
standing under the lamp
Been there all this while
Watching over my long wait

Ain’t no fear of the storm
Ain’t no shiver in the winter
Summer seems here again
Tears won’t freeze again


  1. Lovely!!!!i’m alrdy in d -smthn degree C…u sure d summer has come again??

  2. Thnx Dy…well do u feel the warmth?? den summers here again

  3. Though the poem is about the snow and the ‘cold’ girl, you have written it with a lot of warmth.

  4. Hey…. bout the warmth back…. good you got it back haan! very well written darling!

  5. Anuj – 🙂 Its gd 2 feel the warmth bck…thnx 4 d comment

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