Posted by: Tuhin | July 23, 2007

Me v/s You


Wanna keep staring in your eyes;
But how do I look at them,
You never see me at all.

Give the warmest hug to you;
But how do I hold u,
You never come close to me.

Wanna caress your long hair;
But how do I play with them,
You never allow me to do so.

My heart is longing to see you,
To hear You,
To touch you,
To love you.


Stare harder & you wont see anything;
Just one glance & you”ll find yourself.

The warmest hug if you wish,
I could arrange a bear from the North Pole;
Just a second of my presence should warm your heart.

There are better toys to play with,,y my hair;
Just the wind dancing through every lock n wave
& then kissing ur face is quite playful in itself.

Some things in life
Don’t look to see, touch or be heard;
Just needs to be felt………by d heart!!!


I would love to see me in your eyes;
In that just one glance.
But want to stare at for once;
To create my whole world in them.

A north pole bear can hug me with the warmth;
But can it give me the jitters,
That only your arms can create.
Your presence makes me want you all the more.

I would stop the wind if it dare touches your hair;
I would turn myself into one and play with them.

Some things in life are to be experienced;
Heart will store them as fond memories to cherish forever.

…to be contd!!!


  1. she wishes 2lv silently…..let her be………

  2. Very nice. I like the back and forth battle, and (from what i assume) that you took to writing both sides of the argument.

  3. Dy – silent luv huh…wish cd hear her silence

  4. Hey thnx Ryan…naah actually the ‘you’ part is written by sum1 else

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