Posted by: Tuhin | June 30, 2007

Q & A

She asked me what is love?
I said love can be what you want it to be.

She asked where is love?
I said even if you close your eyes you will see it.

She asked how one knows he/she is in love?
I said it’s just like breathing…

She asked does love happen at first sight?
I said love just happens…can be at last sight also.

She asked is love better than friendship?
I said friendship is the pillar of love.

She asked does hate wander near love?
I said one finds nothing ‘hate’ful about oneself anymore.

She asked is love immature?
I said love teaches you to grow.

She asked then why people cry in love?
I said it’s called an act of releasing impurites from love.

She asked is love really good?
I said love is a creation of God.

She asked do you love me?
I said…..


  1. hahahhaha…love guru…u seem 2 av al d ans’z ha!!!!

  2. nt really Dy…tryin find answrs 2 few unknwn Q’s

  3. I was about to repeat the comment of Dyna.. hehehehe but i know which could be the questions you have no answer to!

  4. Anuj u knw evrythng abt me…u knw d Q’s i dnt hv answrs 2 also u knw the answrs 2 those Q’s

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