Posted by: Tuhin | June 22, 2007

Where Art Thou?

When I’m walking down the road
When I’m sitting all alone
When I’m waiting for my train
When I’m staring at my phone

I often get this feeling

Have I already bumped into her?
She must be travelling along side
Is she sitting next to me?
I must have heard her voice

Makes me feel eerie

Does she know me?
Will I ever know her?
Who is that girl?
Into my life who would enter

The thought tears me apart

What if I never see her
What if I already lost her
Did we stop being in touch
Or did we quit forever

But I know it for sure

She would be the most beautiful one
Her touch can heal the deepest pain
Day is due to her smiling face
Her kiss would make me go insane

I will keep wondering

Does she love rain or spring
What she likes to wear
What makes her go singing
How she would tremble in my arms

I pray to you God

Keep her in your sight
Let all her dreams fulfill
Keep her as your special child
I can take care of her until

Just one last request

Give me a hint who would it be
To save my love from time loss
If she is already very happy
Doesn’t matter if our path never cross


  1. oye aashiq…ull find her..worry not!!!
    nice 1 tuhin…i lv d attitude…i lv d lv 🙂

  2. hmmmmmm!!!! i wonder tooo who would she be????
    good one! god bless you!

  3. oye dy…whr 2 find her? moi blind 😀

    thnx 4 d compli 🙂

  4. Thnx…bt u stil wonder Anuj 😉

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