Posted by: Tuhin | June 9, 2007

The Is’shoe’

I used to just keep admiring them. So beautiful, so classy, so cant-do-without-them. My only possession during those days when I was supposed to watch only ‘G’ & ‘PG’ rated movies, I am just trying to say that I was in school πŸ˜‰ In those few years I had so many Sports Shoes of different types, different design, various brands & for various seasons. One dedicated only for rainy season (I hated wearing gumboots), one for summers and winters, one for special occasions and one for just like that πŸ˜€

My love for sports shoes started along with my love for sports. I used to look at everyone’s shoes and ask the price and store where he got it from, only if I liked it. I remember we were supposed to wear canvas shoes (the green border ones) and I always made sure that I had 2 pairs for each standard. Alongwith that I had 2 colored, spike sole shoes and mostly I hade lace shoes. I was so possessive that I hardly let any dirt make it’s home on my shoes, every minute I cleaned them, avoided any skidding so that my shoe sole remains intact, try to stay away from puddle while walking. School got over and I started going to college (as most of us did) and then more college and more college and now workplace. I don’t even remember when I quit wearing sports shoes. It was not at all intentional but somehow I dumped my very possession in the junkyard. My friends used to shop for sporty shoes with so much excitement but my fetish for them was vanished into thin air. Well till few days back….

That day I went with my friend to buy a diesel backpack for him. I thought if I like one I would buy too. He saw a nice backpack and I said it’s nice…go for it. After saying that I turned to my left just to find a whole rack of amazing, funky, branded, sporty shoes. I was hypnotized once again and wanted to pounce on them and take all the shoes home. The salesperson would have kicked my butt and thrown me out so I started searching for that one,, special pair of shoes. Out of the whole bunch my eyes met that mountain lion’s…PUMA. It’s a 2 colored and flat sole shoe with the Puma logo in front. It has two shades of brown and a very classic style. All the while back home I was getting so tempted to wear them. I reached home after midnight and as soon as I entered, quickly I unwrapped the box and slipped my feet in. Aaahhh….what a feeling, all those memories back.

Nowdays it has become even more confusing to choose a shoe. So many brands, so many style, so many types…phew!! and now you can even get a unisex shoes…as in for what…lol. There’s a certified course for Footwear designing. Footwear market has come a long way and in a big way. It’s capturing a huge share and it will keep on burgeoning. Someday I guess we might have shoes inspired by Horse-shoe as well. Well me goes now, have to to clean my shoes again πŸ˜€


  1. aa-khon bujhlaam tomaar kaalker concern fr ur shoes πŸ™‚

  2. sm1s getin younger by d years….well, s i tol u i rly rly likd ur new shoes….tuhin d horse shoe thingi-v.innovativ…..shud gt u placed in d creativ dept of puma…..

  3. Dy – hello…m anyway quite young…
    Thnx btw…hahahaha 1 mo innovation eh!!
    Puh-leeez…Puma wont b able 2 match my standards πŸ˜€

  4. Guess Who? –
    Hhahahaha…alredy guessd πŸ˜€
    hmm…aakhon giye bujhley!!!!

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