Posted by: Tuhin | May 12, 2007

Poison-Wrapped Kiss

Shaking with fear, trembling in cold
Eyes are red, my body turned blue

Heart doesnt seem to beat as usual
Head-spin making me feel dizzy

The sting of her kiss is still burning
The venom is running in my blood

I see a hazy world around me
I know my end time has arrived

But before I go…Just one last wish
Can I have that kiss forever


  1. wow. very powerful.
    Great job.


  2. Hey Thanx Ryan

  3. I jus love this one a lootttttt!!!! even the first time i had read it.. i had liked it. par tab comment nahi kiya tha.. but yes indeed it is extremely power-packed and awesum..

  4. Thnx Anuj…nice comment 2 recv

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