Posted by: Tuhin | May 10, 2007

I am tired!!!

I am tired of…..

chasing the expectations,
racing against the time,
getting mocked by deadlines,
balancing my different lives,
looking at the days passing by,
getting up on mondays for work,
living in the same place,
doing the same things everyday,
waiting for someone to drop by,
staring at my cell for that call,
checking my inbox for the special sender,
trying to do good for others,
thinking about things the whole night,
bringing out a fake smile,
facing the heat all alone,
watching everything going away from me,
hearing the voices in my head,
saying something again n again,
asking questions like why’s,
praying only for people I know,
walking the unknown road,
running away from practicality,
taking all the burden on my shoulders,
forgiving everyone for their actions….

I am tired of being myself……I want to rest……rest in peace!!!


  1. hahahahhahaha….no rest in peace k….bt u sure NEED rest….

  2. R.I.P 🙂

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