Posted by: Tuhin | April 29, 2007


I want to stick those dry fallen leaves back on the trees.
I want to turn the burnt ashes into dry woods again.
I want to revive those beautiful dead roses.

I want to soak back in the tears which successfully escaped.
I want to find and get back those skipped heartbeats.
I want the wasted hours back, to spend them with you.

Can someone turn those calender pages for me.
Can someone rotate the clock hands in reverse.
Can someone take me back in time please.

I want to take back whatever wrong I have said.
I want to go back and stop whatever wrong I have done.
I want to relive those days which is now called as ‘past’.


  1. Is there any point in living in the past when we know nothing can be done about it…all one has control over is your present…so live it in a way that in future you do not feel the urge to change your past šŸ™‚

  2. no comments!!!


    d choice is urz 2 mov on…nice 1…d 1st few stanzas match perfct wid ur profile pic!!!!

  3. Nabz –
    absolutely no pt in living in past…bt wen u r in a never-dreamed-about-such-a-present-state tht too coz of ur past..u really feel like going back n change things…sometimes ur future doesnt really matters if such is the present..I like to be in every phase…wid or widout having a control on them

  4. Dy –
    I’m moving…jus that I like to luk around wen I m moving

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