Posted by: Tuhin | April 25, 2007

py’AR’ Ka Formula: AR + AB = ‘AAB’

So finally Abhi-Ash got married. Phew!!!! What a relief for media and the unneccessary gung ho spectators. They were the most concerned ones than Bachchans or the Rai’s. So many things happened during this so called celestial wedding (wateva). Newspaper columns dedicated to predictions about their wedding, Media expecting Ash’s Ex’s to react (I’m so happy for media’s disappointment), What Bachchans has to say about their to be daughter-in-law, astrologers/numerologists/palm readers/face readers and don’t know what all body parts’ readers, had so many things to say about Abhi-Ash’s future, Ash getting married to a God and then to a Tree and then to I don’t know what else….may be everything else than AB Baby, people from the fraternity not showing good vibes about all this drama (later the same were found dancing in the midst of band-baajaa as baraatis), Whose-on-the-invitees list saga. And ofcourse who can forget a Janhvi Kapoor(that’s the only name I remember from the long list of names she has), who came out of hibernation to claim that a ‘Abhishek Bachchan’ promised a ‘junior artist’ to marry her(LOL…and Amitabh took oath that he will never act), lathi charge outside ‘Prateeksha’, Bodygaurds tussel with reporters, disappointed neighbours who were not invited even being their ‘friendly neighbourhood’

What was this all about…a marriage of 2 normal human being. People are blaming Bachchans for creating so much hype about their son’s wedding. They had nothing to do with all that took place. I’m sure Bachchans anticipated this whole gamut of unavoidable events but he also knew that he can do nothing. I think media and fans were the one who over hyped the whole scenario. Though Abhi & Ash are public figures, this marriage is not a movie scene, it’s a completely personal affair.

Anyways I’m very happy to see Abhi-Ash ki jodi. Wish them a very happy married life.


  1. >>Phew

  2. Phew!! finally its all done and over!! ABHI ASH ARE FINALLY MARRIED!!

    My God…do you realise the country had been on their toes for one full year over this whole issue…are they dating…are they not?? their on screen chemistry and stage performance chemstry was being re checked and analysed by dumb journalists and fans….Jaya bacchan is happy with the affair or not? Aish and Abhi are manglik not manglik….marriage with a tree to religious rings on the pretty fingers of Aishwarya were now being noticed…huh…had enough…and alas….the ‘great indian wedding’ came to an end with Jhanvi’s silly drama…!!

    All I feel good about is…FINALLY I GET TO SEE SOME NEWS ON NEWS CHANNELS NOW…rather than being updated about their wedding venue… :p

  3. Lol…true Nabz…people have got all the time

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