Posted by: Tuhin | March 18, 2007

My Thoughts #6

Don’t fear of being engulfed in darkness

‘Coz it can never be able to harm you

 Rather, you learn from this dark shadow

 A lesson of how to find yourself a ‘ray of light’


 Sometimes one gives up on his life coz of constantly being in negative phase, One should not fear or lose heart and instead make it a challenge and find a way to bring out the smile in life


  1. yes that it does , even if it takes a long time and goes slowly over that time. A ray of light shall shine through and growth will begin once again .
    Thank you for your words …


  2. Very true Tuhin….I wish many many and many more people read this! Most people are victims of immense desire, stress, want for achievement, inability to cope up with failures, negative feelings, vibes, depression. et all……it is in today’s time that we most need to have a third eye to help us look for a new way to smile and live life 🙂

  3. Thnks 4 givin lots of people engulfed in d darkness of life a ray of light. Too good dear.

  4. Caitrine – thnx for your comment 🙂
    And yes……a ray of light shall shine one day

  5. Hey Nabzi – Damn true yaar..I don’t know if reading this will make any difference, gd if it does. But want people to find thier ray of light in their own way…and learn to smile and live life

    Thnx for the comment Nabz 🙂

  6. Shonali – Gee…Thanks!!!! Hope others like it too 🙂

  7. You sound like some great gyaani – sanyaasi….how do you get all that? Well done..

  8. Thnx a lot Shibsy
    “Apne mann ka doors kholo baalike aur apne brains ka prayog karte hue jag ko mann ki eyes se dekho…tab tumhein bhi iss gyaan ko achieve kar loge”…lol
    Its jus wht comes 2 my mind…no gyaani-sanyaasi yaar
    I’m happy tht u & othrs likd it…thnx agin 🙂

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