Posted by: Tuhin | March 13, 2007

Finding Myself

Donning the morning sun rays
Breathing the scent of fresh dew
Casting off the anguish dwelling in
Someday I shall find myself…

In the walk of life
I will discover new ways of living
I will learn to let go off things
And someday I shall find myself…

Life is not simple
Wouldn’t have been difficult either
I can be better off alone
I will stretch my wings and fly away

… And someday I shall find myself


  1. I cant help but agree with you and feel so related to these words!

    Its touching the very soul of not just me but many other lone souls!

  2. Hope dat u find urself 1day n dat day won’t be too far. Damm sure.

  3. Nabzi – Go ahead…try to find your true self…I know there’s many others who are trying hard to do the same. Hope they all succeed and so do you.

  4. Shonali – Thnx for your comment and belief…me too wish that it shouldn’t be too far

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