Posted by: Tuhin | March 11, 2007

Off to Caribbean!!! :)

Day after tomorrow is the 1st League Stage Match of the ICC WORLD CUP 2007, at West Indies. Whoa!!! wish even I could be there at Windies 😦
Non-stop action of 16 teams, 48 days and 51 matches.

Huge amount of money spinning, trillions of viewers across the world, prayers and hopes, advertisement, hoardings, backlits, promotional activities, expert comments, mandira bedi, TV news, newspapers, praises, brickbats, scrutinising, match fixing probes, comparison, bouts, uniforms, kit, sparkling new ball, blades of meaty bats, gaurds, gloves, stumps, cameras, stadium screen, sight screen, stump cameras and mics, net practice, captains, vice captains, wicket keeper, batsmen, bowlers, openers, nightwatchmans, slips, gully, mid off, mid on, long leg, deep fine leg, third man, short leg, short point, point, silly point, powerplays, super-subs, toss, 4’s, 6’s, 300+’s, fastest bowler, quick 50’s and 100’s, career records, fast pacers, medium pacers, swingers, cutters, reverse swingers, leg spinners, off spinners, googly, bouncers, full length, short pitched, yorkers, slow balls, catch outs, bowled, run outs, retired hurt, hit wickets, catch drops, injury, delay, bad light, warnings, penalty, group stages, super 8’s, semi’s, finals…..etc etc

So many things will happen and only one deserving winner will emerge out of it to lift the 60cms high and 11kgs heavy, the most prestigious trophy in the World of Cricket. I really don’t want Australia to win the trophy. It will be so boring and mundane, just like roger federer winning all the major grand slams. Expecting lots of twist and turns along with young faces performing to make their career, long living. Oldies or experienced ones will be thinking of this world cup as their last. Indian Team one more time will be compared to the ’83 world cup winners. Sigh!!! Anyways here’s the schedule for this world cup and some previous year stats. Enjoy the Caribbean treat this World Cup 🙂


  Group A
St Kitts & Nevis
Group B
Trinidad & Tobago
Group C
St. Lucia
Group D
1 Australia (1) Sri Lanka (2) New Zealand (3) Pakistan (4)
2 South Africa (5) India (8) England (7) West Indies (6)
3 Scotland (12) Bangladesh (11) Kenya (10) Zimbabwe (9)
4 The Netherlands (16) Bermuda (15) Canada (14) Ireland (13)

Warm-up matches

Date Group WA
Jamaica Trelawny
Group WB
St. Vincent
Group WC
Trinidad, Brian Lara
Group WD
Barbados, 3W’s
Mon 05 Mar West Indies v Kenya England v Bermuda South Africa v Ireland Sri Lanka v Scotland
Tue 06 Mar India v The Netherlands Australia v Zimbabwe Pakistan v Canada New Zealand v Bangladesh
Wed 07 Mar        
Thu 08 Mr Kenya v The Netherlands Zimbabwe v Bermuda Ireland v Canada Scotland v Bangladesh
Fri 09 Mar India v West Indies Australia v England Pakistan v South Africa New Zealand v Sri Lanka
Date Activity
Sun 11 Mar Opening Ceremony
Date Group A
St.Kitts & Nevis
Group B
Trinidad & Tobago
Group C
St. Lucia
Group D
Tue 13 Mar       West Indies v Pakistan
Wed 14 Mar Australia v Scotland   Kenya v Canada reserve day
Thu 15 Mar reserve day Sri Lanka v Bermuda reserve day Zimbabwe v Ireland
Fri 16 Mar South Africa v The Netherlands reserve day England v New Zealand reserve day
Sat 17 Mar reserve day India v Bangladesh reserve day Pakistan v Ireland
Sun 18 Mar Australia v The Netherlands reserve day England v Canada reserve day
Mon 19 Mar reserve day India v Bermuda reserve day West Indies v Zimbabwe
Tue 20 Mar South Africa v Scotland reserve day New Zealand v Kenya reserve day
Wed 21 Mar reserve day Sri Lanka v Bangladesh reserve day Zimbabwe v Pakistan
Thu 22 Mar Scotland v The Netherlands reserve day New Zealand v Canada reserve day
Fri 23 Mar reserve day India v Sri Lanka reserve day West Indies v Ireland
Sat 24 Mar Australia v South Africa reserve day England v Kenya reserve day
Sun 25 Mar reserve day Bermuda v Bangladesh reserve day  
Mon 26 Mar   reserve day    

Second Stage – Super Eight Series

Date Antigua & Barbuda Grenada Guyana Barbados
Tue 27 Mar D2 v A1
(West Indies v Australia)
Wed 28 Mar reserve day   A2 v B1
(South Africa v Sri Lanka)
Thu 29 Mar D2 v C1
(West Indies v New Zealand)
  reserve day  
Fri 30 Mar reserve day   D1 v C2
(Pakistan v England)
Sat 31 Mar A1 v B2
(Australia v India)
  reserve day  
Sun 01 Apr reserve day   D2 v B1
(West Indies v Sri Lanka)
Mon 02 Apr B2 v C1
(India v New Zealand)
  reserve day  
Tues 03 Apr reserve day   D1 v A2
(Pakistan v South Africa)
Wed 04 Apr C2 v B1
(England v Sri Lanka)
  reserve day  
Thu 05 Apr reserve day      
Fri 06 Apr        
Sat 07 Apr     B2 v A2
(India v South Africa)
Sun 08 Apr A1 v C2
(Australia v England)
  reserve day  
Mon 09 Apr reserve day   D1 v C1
(Pakistan v New Zealand)
Tue 10 Apr   D2 v A2
(West Indies v South Africa)
reserve day  
Wed 11 Apr   reserve day   C2 v B2
(England v India)
Thu 12 Apr   B1 v C1
(Sri Lanka v New Zealand)
  reserve day
Fri 13 Apr   reserve day   A1 v D1
(Australia v Pakistan)
Sat 14 Apr   A2 v C1
(South Africa v New Zealand)
  reserve day
Sun 15 Apr   reserve day   B2 v D1
(India v Pakistan)
Mon 16 Apr   A1 v B1
(Australia v Sri Lanka)
  reserve day
Tue 17 Apr   reserve day   A2 v C2
(South Africa v England)
Wed 18 Apr   D1 v B1
(Pakistan v Sri Lanka)
  reserve day
Thu 19 Apr   reserve day   D2 v B2
(West Indies v India)
Fri 20 Apr   A1 v C1
(Australia v New Zealand)
  reserve day
Sat 21 Apr   reserve day   D2 v C2
(West Indies v England)
Sun 22 Apr       reserve day
Team names for the Super Eight stage are indicative based on the top two teams from the Group Stage qualifying. If these two teams do qualify they will be seeded in position 1 or 2 as specified regardless of whether they finish first or second in their group. For example, if South Africa wins Group A and Australia comes second, for the purposes of the Super Eights, South Africa will still be A2 and Australia will be A1. If, for example, Scotland qualifies instead of Australia, Scotland will become A1

Semi Finals

Date Semi Final 1
Semi Final 2
St Lucia
Mon 23 Apr    
Tues 24 Apr Semi Final 1: 2 v 3  
Wed 25 Apr reserve day Semi Final 2: 1 v 4
Thu 26 Apr   reserve day


Date Barbados
Fri 27 Apr  
Sat 28 Apr FINAL
Sun 29 Apr reserve day

Me – Jitega Bhai Jitega, India Jitega….All my cheers for Indian Team….All The Best!!!!!!


  1. very informative u cricket fan….displays ur lurvvv fr d game…well writen tuhin sir!!!

  2. ho ha indiya…aaya indiya!!!!happy cricket watchin!

  3. 🙂 thnx Dy…i jus love dis game…wtsoever…mo than watchin i love to play

    I dnt wana miss the action this world cup

  4. Don’ forget about the Sanford 20-20 cricket we have here in the West Indies. Always a good show, we kicked butt in it last year.

    You can keep up on the local Nevis cricket info on my Nevis Blog at

    It’s for six!

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