Posted by: Tuhin | March 1, 2007

Don’t Know How Many More To Go!!!!!

63072000 seconds. 1051200 minutes. 17520 hours. 730 days. 104 weeks. 24 months. 2 years

PHEW!!!!! 2nd in a row. I still pinch myself to make me realise if this is true, that I actually spent all the above mentioned period in one, single firm. I never ever did dream of even working for some firm, as in 9-5 types, forget about sticking around for such a long period. I should be felicitated for what I went through and still came all this way. In my department I saw my team change in same frequency as a child’s diapers are changed. Sometimes I feel I’m enacting Jim Carrey’s character of the ‘The Truman Show’ movie. It’s not that I don’t like what I am doing but the fact is that I don’t like doing the same or similar stuff for eons. I always need change, fun, excitement, adrenaline, brain power, crisis, etc, etc. One thing I shouldn’t miss saying is that, I gained a lot of knowledge about this field, lots of useful and necessary contacts and above all, gigantic amount of experience. Now I want to put to use all that I have achieved to thrust my career ahead. Someday I shall do that. Well few don’t think that way….I still hear them say, ‘why the hell you are still there?’ And there are some who lost all hopes in me πŸ˜€ They say, ‘you will never leave this firm and one day you will become the CEO’…lol. These are my real good friends and they want me to do good in life πŸ™‚

I love my firm and it has given me more than I expected. It’s a privelege working with such an organisation. So today 1st of March, my 2nd year job anniversary, I take an oath that I will work with dedication, put extra hard work and win my boss’s confidence and faith and most of all, I will climb few more steps in the ladder of success……but definately in some other firm πŸ˜‰ – (esp for all my well wishers)


  1. 1stly,,,,happy 2nd year anniv tuhin ‘SIR’….as u can see,uv alrdy gained dat title frm me….thanx 2 dat oh so attached firm of urz,,,coz of wich ur my tuhin sir 2day….al d bst in ur future endevours…m sure ull do gr8!!!n bout puttin xtra hard -wrk,lemme tel ya u giv mor dan a 100% 2 ur job Mr.PROMOTIONS N INNOVATIONS(head)

  2. Thnx 4 the wishes Dy and Thnx 4 all the good words…I alwys try 2 give my best

    hmmm…wont comment on the title-(Sir) πŸ˜‰

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