Posted by: Tuhin | February 19, 2007

G’nite…Swt Dreams…Tke Cre!!!

I hear screams, yet feels so calm
The earth shakes, makes me tremble
With hope in my eyes and a smile satisfied
I stand firm, looking towards the sky

Its here now, seems like end of the world
Time is flying by, things moving faster
I can see a bright light at a distance
Blinding my vision, making me numb

I can feel my breathe turning ice-cold
I’ve lost my voice, I can’t shout
A sudden pain, heart stops,
I see the world engulfing in darkness

Million questions invade my skull
Answers to which, I couldn’t ask for
Countless voices tearing me apart
Someone please get these s*** outta here

I’m tired, I wanna go off to sleep…for the last time.
So here I go, forever, with no worries…..

G’nite, Swt Dreams, Tke Cre!!!


  1. whoa!!
    2hin…dats majorly serious n heavy stuff man!!
    excellent piece…lovd it!!

  2. Hey Nabz…thnx 🙂
    Din quite expect tht any1 wd like it…ur comment surprisd me…gez u 2 like wierd thngs 😀 thnx agin 4 such a nice comment
    Nice shrtform of my name huh…lol

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