Posted by: Tuhin | January 27, 2007

Kaun ‘BANAYEGA’ Crorepati

Amitabh Bachchan OR Shahrukh Khan

Lock Kiya Jaaye OR Freeze Kiya Jaaye!! LOL

It’s not that I’m missing Amitabh Bachchan in this 3rd Season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, infact he was getting a bit overdose for me. Also wasn’t expecting much from King Khan. But having said that I won’t deny that I was still looking forward to it. Every single person I spoke to about the show, gave a negative response. Amitabh claims that he has not seen KBC-3 at all (busy with AB-ASH’s marriage preparations)

At first when KBC started, it looked so Gigantic, may be ‘coz of the aura created by a persona as great as Amitabh Bachchan, ‘coz of the new concept of earning easy money, a reality show, a Siddharth Basu (Mastermind fame) show etc etc. Had Sharukh was roped in for the 2nd season, the perception would have been li’l different? The 2nd season was not so grandiose ‘coz the belief could have been that success of 1st season will help the next season too. So the format remains the same, the game host remains the same, jus to add a li’l bit of excitement, the prize money was doubled. Result – couldn’t even come close to the triumph of 1st season, also wasn’t a flop though.

Shahrukh is known as audience’s entertainer. On stage, he is the king of performance and act. Now that he has taken a new role, of a game host, will have to see how far he can keep the television audience glued to the show. Well, Shahrukh is even capable of doing world’s stupidest things also with his ham acts and sidey jokes. But mind you, he’s one of the most sought after star of Bollywood and there are people worshipping the King Khan even today when his time seems to be fading away. I personally do not feel any interest of even switching on this show, not for Shahrukh Khan, not for the contestants, not even for the sensible Questions compiled by Siddharth Basu. I’m finding it very mediocre and dull and waste of a 9-10 prime time slot.

I would rather watch a show like Karamchand (Whoa…I am waiting for it desperately) or Big Boss if reality show is concerened. But I end up sitting in front of my laptop 😀


  1. The person that write the rubbish above, need to go get a life, these people are not only ignorant but stupid. who ask him to watch SRK.
    they can’t do better for themselves but they condemn and slander people,

    Shah Rukh Khan is an Icon and the people that putting him down and comparing him with a father figure like Amitabh Bachan these people are so sick and disgusting. Why don’t they compare Amitabh with the others like Ajay Devgan, Akshaye Kumar, John Abraham, Amir and Salman Khan and all the others WHY WHY only SHAH RUKH KHAN???? what sick mind and mentality these people have, They need to get a life and read some educated books, I am so sick of people comparing SRK with Bachan

  2. hey jeena…
    relax babes!!
    comparison follow when you r taking over somebody. It is everywhere…be it in your house hold chores, your office, your personal life…anywhere and everywhere. Now, whether those comparisons are valid or not, it is for our personal selves to decide, but yes, there is always a common basis on what comparisons are made. And here, it is the ‘ICON’ status. Amitabh is an icon of all times and ‘SRK’ (people!! for heavens he has a name…SHAHRUKH!!) too holds the icon status(personally, I wonder why?? for playing the same rahul raj in every yash chopra movie?). So, maybe we need to just sit back and relax on our laptops and computers, cause seriously, television is sincerely living up to its reputation – “AN IDIOT BOX!!”

  3. WHOA!!! Hey Jeena…
    damn good…a true Shahrukh fan…was really expecting such comment. thanx for all the above…i appreciate it

    Well dear, i do agree with your point but I guess you din’t read the whole topic. It’s about SRK in KBC…that’s about it. I am comparing the shows with 2 different hosts. If you did read my post properly I did mention some negative points abt the 2nd season of KBC too, which had AB. Had some other actor had taken that place, I would have commented on that too, as here I am not talking about the acting skills, it’s about TV and the particular show.So chill…

  4. haan yaar Nabz…I’m getting sick of this idiot box. Nothing useful left to watch. I’m mo than happy to be on my laptop rather than idiotically sitting in front of that TV…saves me a hell lotta sin 😉

  5. sabse bakar show banadiya sharukh khan ne

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