Posted by: Tuhin | January 1, 2007

Dealing With A Broken Heart!!!


 All the stunts are performed by professionals(true lovers), kids and immature lovers, do not try this at home (or any place for that matter). Attempt at your own risk. This content should not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by your act.


Step 01 – Find a distant uninhabited place

Step 02 – Look out for a damp ground

Step 03 – Take a shovel along with you

Step 04 – Ensure no one is around and no one knows about this, well you can take your closest friend along (but not many)

Step 05 – Dig a deep trench

Step 06 – Now the Herculean task – Bury your love

‘Unless you bury your love, it can’t take a rebirth for you to fall in love again. Ask your friend to help you in this painful procedure’

NOTE: Do some sin so that your love do not attain Nirvana and can reborn. Things like helping her/him from not making her think of saddest part of her/his life – YOU, mantain a distance, keep away all mementos etc etc(its different for every individual)

Step 07 – Cover the pit with mud and keep a dead rose on top of it (you can even drop few tears on that too, which is ought to make a special appearance)

Step 08 – While going back DO NOT turn around to see it for the last time….you will never be able to leave

Step 09 – Forget that place and never go or even pass by from there

Step 10 – Let a new love take birth in your heart, it will bring back your smile and if again you go through a heart break….you know where to go and what to do
P.S. – I myself have tried it…I failed miserably. So I went back, just to end up seeing the rose beautifully bloom on my love’s grave.


I couldn’t help, I brought my love back from the trench…….love never dies!!!


  1. … Wow.

    Well, yeah, I see your point. Burying old love might be a good idea. But isn’t it better to try and part as friends? Moving on – in separate directions but still on speaking terms? I know that in some cases that is impossible, but still… you would think that old love might hurt less if attached to a minimal amount of anger.

    Take care, regardless.

  2. Hey thnx fredie…
    Well me thinks that it depends totally on the individual…but whatever decision he/she takes should not have a selfish reason and the only concerned part has to be the other person’s state.

  3. Naturally. We all have our own points of view, and we are fully and wholly entitled to them. Just wanted to share mine. 🙂

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