Posted by: Tuhin | December 22, 2006

Definately Lip Smacking!!!!


Ingredients –

PARTICULARS                                                      QUANTITY

* Sabudana                                                              250 Gms
* 100gms Peanuts (grated)                                  100 Gms
* Cooking Oil                                                           As required
* Potato (small pieces)                                           1
* Green Chilli (as preferred)                                 As per requirement
* Cumin Seeds(for fodni)                                       As required
* Coriander Leaves                                                To garnish
* Ghee (if required)                                                2 tablespoons


Procedure –

Step  1 – Soak sabudana for 2-3 hrs
Step  2 – Then take a cooking vessel and put little cooking oil
Step  3 – After that put potato cut in small pieces and cook till deep fry along with cumin seeds fodni.
Step  4 –  Add green chillies to that mixture
Step  5 – Mix for sometime and then put sabudana in that vessel
Step  6 – Then add salt to taste
Step  7 – Mix everything well and then close the lid for few minutes
Step  8 – Open the lid and stir for sometime
Step  9 – Keep doing this till sabudana becomes soft and little dark
Step 10 – Then add peanuts to the mixture and stir well
Step 11 – Now keep the lid half open and leave it for sometime
Step 12 – Then finally garnish it with the corainder leaves
Preparation Time – 

* 10-15 mins
So here is ready your delicious, lip smacking, a dish you would drool over – Sabudana Kichhdi…TADA 🙂

So now Aakraman 😀


  1. AWESOME! I’m already drooling. Make some and get me.


  2. yes i will try to make some and get it for u…soon…till then control your drooling and then together…Akkdamann 😀

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