Posted by: Tuhin | December 18, 2006

What are you, Get off my head…!!!

Another day of my life, A life with wierd events
I get up in the morning, with an unknown thing in my head
Blurry eyes opens to see something, that doesn’t exist
Bright sun smiling at me, as if trying to tell me something

I go out in the streets, I don’t feel I’m alone
Embracing the world, I feel the touch of someone
I share smiles with people, though its not for them
I wonder what’s in store for me, I keep thinking…

I meet people, colleague, but do I actually know them!!
I see, I talk, I listen, I just do it as a routine
I fiddle with papers, I pick my phone to call nobody
I don’t know what or whom I’m looking for

I step out to eat, but the food is tasteless!!
I don’t seem to enjoy my fav drink
Across my table I think I see someone
But while paying check I had to pay for one

My day comes to an end, I can’t recall a thing
As I walk my way home, I try a different route
I feel someone is walking along beside me
The splendid evening sun still smiles at me

I lie down to rest with some soft music to relax
My mind keeps wandering, can’t get rid of the thought
What is that thing, which captivates my mind
My thoughts and me, Who are you, please tell me?

I get up with your thought, I end my day with you
My eyes open to see you, I smile only for you
Oh Jesus, Whatever I do, Wherever I go
Its with me, around me, in my head

What are you, get off my head
Who are you, please leave me alone

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