Posted by: Tuhin | October 15, 2006

Apne Dada Ki Baat Sunenge Na…

This line is just so purrrfect that it pulls all the right cords of emotions. A brilliant Ad by Pepsi Co. and equally a great act by Mr. Saurav Ganguly. Just plain commendable advertisement. The Maharaja is back with a bang, well not yet in the field though. I find this Ad, which promotes the ‘Blue Billion Express’ – a cheer for Indian Cricket Team for ICC Champions Trophy, more aggressive, natural, of high spirit and sensible than the show which consists of few so called cricket fanatics (one of them in titillating attire and one who may be is short of Ads or with no serials in pipeline). I find the show ‘Extraaa’ stupid and is full of jackass.

Well, coming back to the Ad, the frustration, dejection, etc that Saurav went through, seemed very pacified and in control. He still had those taunting dialogues like ‘shayaad ek aur baar T-shirt ghoomaneka…’ and ‘team ke andar ya bahar, main chup nahin…’ and few more. To be frank enough, he is pathetic in acting but this time his composed expressions, dialogue delivery, stance, smile, everything was above par. This can come only if you are speaking your heart out.

I believe he was at fault but not completely. His biggest mistake was that he dared to finger an English ass, who would get very pissed off if his ego gets hurt. There was hardly anyone for his support, probably they were scared of their place in the ‘Blue 11’. Well, no one can say what the truth is, something that was out in the media or something that Dada wanted to say? I don’t like his batting much but what I admired was his captaincy. People say his performance is pathetic but the fact is they could see what was happening in recent times. I would like to tell them, please check his overall profile, he has a wonderful record. One should have real guts to pull off his T-shirt (in front of million viewers and he was captain then) as an indication of giving it back to the England Team (esp Andrew Flintoff) and mind you, giving it back very hard. I did like his captaincy at times.

Now he wants to come back in playing 11, not for money (he actually is a Maharaja), not for fame (has a lot by now) and neither for bettering his record. He wants to come back to satisfy his ego, he is adamant and just want to prove that he was right. Many people hates him but after this Ad I’m sure the percentage of hatred must have lowered a bit. Well as he says, Joh hua, kyun hua, kaise hua….I would say – Dada, joh hua so hua, just cheer for your own team, they will like it.


  1. Amazing post..u stole the words from my mouth and put them in here…
    i love dada and hope he continues his good run in this series

  2. amen!!

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