Posted by: Tuhin | October 15, 2006

A Smile At The Back Of Your Face

Just few days back I was traveling with a friend for an important meet to some place and got stuck in a traffic. We were supposed to reach our destination but as usual bumper to bumper on Mumbai roads is a very common issue. We already got so late and the only thing my friend, who was driving, could do was swear, swear and swear. I too got frustrated not just ‘coz of the traffic but the hot and ‘very’ humid atmosphere, pollution and honking vehicles. I wished our vehicle was a transformer, and just a press of a button will make it transform into a jet. ‘Stop Dreaming’, I said to myself. Our speed – In 15-20mins we could move hardly one inch – amazing fete na πŸ˜€

While we were trying to find corners and gaps to get pass through as ahead as possible to other wheelers, suddenly my eyes went onto something that made me smile even in that worse situation. I don’t know about others or even my friend for that matter but at that very moment I felt as if God just sent me a saviour to save me from all the exasperation and impatience. I started searching for few more such ‘stress busters’ and guess what, my smile just got broader. Wana know what was it? Cute, funny, cuddlesome, Soft Toys πŸ™‚

These cutie-pies are found above the rear seat of some four wheelers visible from rear glass shield. I always wondered why vehicle owners keep these little angels in such a fashion, their kids love them, they want to fill the space, want to show their softer side or just for the heck of it. Never could figure out that but now I have my own reason to it. To save people from the frustration and annoyance, wear a smile behind your face too. I don’t know in which and how many ways this might help, all I know is this, it does help. While driving, the most important and most crucial thing is to keep your calm. If not then you are risking your life along with endangering some innocent one’s too. Just imagine you are driving with all the tensions and problematic thoughts in your mind. You are not able to concentrate. This can lead to a reckless driving or may be something more severe than that. Suddenly you see an innocent little Panda or the cute Popeye or funny Donald Duck or adorable Garfield, smiling at you from the vehicle in front of you. Try to smile looking at that, this may save you from all the heavy duty going on in your head. Keeping funny toys, cute characters will do no harm to the owner but can just make someone else’s day. You never know who is behind you, you never know whom you are saving or you just might make someone’s day cheerful. Do not obstrust the rear view though and anyway having a rear view mirror is a must.Β  I have alredy started collecting few of them to stuff my car with, so that even I could contribute in spreading the million dollar smile wherever I go.

There are so many ways to spread a smile, you just need to find it how. Find it and pass it on, it never did anyone any harm, instead it can save someone from one.


  1. Smile and do a good deed today and pay it forward πŸ™‚

  2. tuhin just knows all d secrets of happiness…der..hez jus discovered anothr!!!keep smiling:)

  3. Very True Shibs πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Dy – lolzzz…wish i really knew d secrets

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