Posted by: Tuhin | October 14, 2006

The Thin Red Line

Just like the tag line of Johny Walkers – ‘Keep Walking’, we have to keep on walking on a fictitious line throughout our life. We can’t see it, we can’t ignore it but we can share our experience about it. In any persons life, he/she will have to face situations, will have to come across circumstances, which will make them to conclude, events in life will force them to ponder and decide, people will think, feel and will have to react, then, at that instance people tend to go either way – Positive, I call it practical or Negative, hysterical for me. Its a very delicate phase where one can fall into either side, may be right or wrong. You get hurt, you think negative about it or you learn from it. You lose your job, you take it in your stride and think that you learnt something from it & its for a better oppurtunity coming your way or you curse your ability and sulk. You have heart break, you start hating that person or you wait for your love and dont let the misery change your feelings for that person. You lose someone, you hate God or you pray to God for his soul’s peace. You are not good looking, you feel dejected or you rather don’t consiider it and concentrate on your talents that is been endowed upon you. People reading this will definately have a different perspective to what I say but mind you, oh great philosophers :D, I am a normal human being and I just talk my experience. This is my funda – walk on the thin line and don’t completely fall on any one side. Have a li’l of both, but only those things which will actually benefit you. Not all positive thinking benefits, not every negative thought is a vice. So this is my experience of ‘The Thin Red Line’ between the practical brain and the hysterical mind, as I said, “We can’t see it, we can’t ignore it but we can share our experience about it.”

Well talking about being practical is as easy as making lime juice but following it is also as difficult as preparing a lime juice. Wierd isn’t it? Let me be accountable, almost everyone knows what are the prerequisites for a lime juice but preparing it with the accurate amount of ingredients to make it a purrrfect lime juice is what requires dexterity. Uhh, if you still with me, this statement will bring thousands of questions in your mind, isn’t it? People can talk about practicality, can preach, can give gyaan but when you have to apply it to your own life you tend to go the other way. Very natural, you get hurt, you feel like you are just dumped into a pit. Your friend gets hurt, you say, what the hell, be strong, come over it etc. etc. I believe when something happens to you, though you get inclined to the negative aspect, you should have a propensity to come back on track if not completely towards practical side. Negativity never helps! I don’t believe that. Not always, but it helps you to think logical. If you are only practical then you will never come to know the illogical or irrelevant side of your life, which is a catalyst to a balanced life. Think about it, you only laugh and you never cry, does it makes any sense!!

What is life if you don’t experience every aspect of it, be it flip side. I have gone through a lot like others and overreacted, acted immaturish, wierd but these things or rather the consequences from these feelings or actions, catapulted me to the other side of the line. After familiarizing both sides, I enjoy walking on the Thin Red Line, risky, as I still can be pulled over to either world. This is when your experience comes to the rescue. Unless you know the after effects of your action you will never be able to differentiate between good or vice. Being on the line is fun rather than living only a boring practical life or melancholic hysterical life. Things have made me more mature to think practical and more skillful to deal with difficult situations. Various events taught me the basics of life. I would rather love to see the two sides of the world standing on the equator.
Thinking negative is not at all bad, remaining in that state, really is. Thinking practical is very good, living your whole life that way, really isn’t.


  1. Itna kyon likha? :p

  2. apne aap ko main rok nahi paaya…hehe

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