Posted by: Tuhin | October 9, 2006

Bird Eye View

Born with his mouth agape and crying for grains, growing up on feedings and shelter by parents, this li’l two-legged feathered winged vertebrate had to have a great fall before spreading his brilliant plumage and fly high above all. The bird of paradise, once hiding from hunters, now searches for his own prey. Against the wind, with the clouds, in direction of the sun he begins his journey. Looking at the world below, feeling the wind in his feathers, the lightness in his soul, he smiles and flutters miles and miles across. Many, whom he came across, said its so difficult to attain pure happiness, so difficult to be happy and satisfied. Happiness that had no defination according to him, that had no boundaries, was his ultimate goal. All this while few came, many left, seldom anyone stayed for long, he was always alone in his search for happiness. Some promised to be a lifetime companion but got lost in the night. His eyes opens in the morning just to find himself all alone once again. He curses, “Nights are so cruel”, smiles and flap, there he goes again. Days pass, nights go by, seasons change, escapes from being hunted but nothing could stop him. He dreams, he laughs, he thinks, he cries, he always wondered, why life is so funny!!

One fine day, our bird meets a voyager. Well, life was not so bad at all, they fly together, find prey together, they laugh, they share, they stay together. They believed they could touch the moon together, even sun din’t seem so far then. But once again the ruthless night leaves the poor soul stranded and lonely. He was clueless but he gives a look towards God and smiles and soars towards the clouds, back to his journey. Days pass, nights go by, seasons change, escapes from being hunted but nothing could stop him. He dreams, he laughs, he thinks, he cries, he always wondered, why life is so funny!!

He wanted to break free from what other birds do, what he, as a bird was supposed to do, wanted to be himself and not follow what is being written for his type of species – find grains and worms, hide from being hunted, find a bird for extension of this particular species, build nests, protect your small ones, teach them to fly and when they grow up, they leave to find their own destiny and your life comes back to point zero. He did the same thing, went on for a search of his goal, but he wants to finish this journey successfully rather than being disappointed for not been able to do what he always liked to or wanted to.

While he was thinking of all this, suddenly from nowhere he sees a bird at a demon speed whiz past in the opposite direction. He somehow could notice its features though, cut on its wing, crack on the beak, eyes seeming lost and damp. He feels a sudden rush in his blood, he is not able to get that face off his mind, unable to let go off the feeling of uneasiness. He felt a unknown force holding him to that bird. He looked to the direction of his journey and then he looked to the other direction of that bird who meant nothing to him but held his life in that spur of a moment. He turned his back to his former path, he realised why he was sent here, why he set off for this journey, he discovered his ultimate goal. His eyes sharp and shining, wings strong as ever, feathers ready to take on the gusty wind, he zooms towards the bird’s direction. At a unstoppable speed of an arrow released by a bow, he soon comes parallel to the lonely soul. Their eyes meet, there’s an exchange of innumerable words without even having to speak. He offers his wings of hope and together they set off soaring high above the pain and sadness to achieve the eternal bliss. He starts taking care of the bird.The tarnished wing soon turns to its pristine state, its beak back to a shining spear which got its laughter back, eyes trying to smile from between the eyelids of sorrow.

Thunderstorms, lightning, scorching heat, chilling winter, hails…..nothing could part this two. They talked about their past, their dreams, their pain, their happiness, offered one’s shoulder to the other in time of sadness, shared laughter, wiped tears, aided to believe in dreaming high, gave support, played prank together, listened to nature’s sound, took shelter under one roof. They went around the world, exploring and experiencing every new thing. His life could not be better than this. He finally found someone whom he can call his own, whom he can lean onto, who gave him the reason to live, who made him leave his meaningless journey and made his smile broader. He wished he could meet all those who said no one can achieve pure happiness and introduce them to her, his brighter side of life.

They made friends and the flock just kept on growing. Making a huge wave on the wide blue sky they fly together as if someone wiped thousand colored brushes on this great blue canvas. One day when everyone is busy pecking their food, a cruel hunter targets one of the bird. An ear deafening sound of the shotgun followed by flutter of thousand birds disturbs the whole serene atmosphere. The flock of birds flaps their wings as fast as they can to get away from there and save themself. Nearby animals runs for their lives. All this while the poor bird who got shot was looking all this, blood on his whole body, eyelids getting heavy, trying to get on his legs using his injured wings, trying to take a flight but in vain. Our hero was shot while saving her.

Observing his own state he knew he was losing her, who gave him the meaning of life, who brought the real smile on his face, who was his destiny. The feard voices of creatures around disappears, the squeals pacifies. He opens his eyes and lifts his heavy head just to see his flock of birds getting tinier and tinier. He din’t let his eyes close, he beared the pain of his heavy head, he got soaked in the blood but he kept on looking at the flock’s direction. He hoped that she will come back, to see him, to save him.

End – Already finished it, will post later…..just try to guess what could have happened till then 😉


  1. hey story teller…really likd this one….abhi jaldi kill d suspense….tel off d climax…

  2. Well, keep it as it is. Let everyone who reads this interpret and assume his own ending. It’s no fun knowing the ending but the build-up is.

    Another well written post. Consider writing professionally.


  3. Hey Dyna – Thnx…bt I wan keep this suspense 4 sum mo time….Im having fun dis way 😀

  4. Hey Shibs – Thats a gr8 compliment huh…thnx. Yeah I gez ill keep it as it is. I myself have got 2 different endings to it. Y dont you try to one!!!

    Keep Rocking 🙂

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