Posted by: Tuhin | October 3, 2006

Let’s Go Dishing!!

Great news, Great news!!!
Gone are the days when someone else use to decide what you should be watching. Enters a saviour who will save you from all the irritation and frustration and swearing to your local cable operators. Now no more sudden change of channels or placements, burgeoning monthly fee, not so great quality picture and sound, no value additions, etc etc. Soon thfishing.JPGe reign of cablewalas will be a past. Now we have got an advanced technology for our idiot box. Digital picture, great sound quality, wirefree, tension free, cost effective, in short, now a sophisticated way to be socially inactive. Well no qualms regarding the efforts being put for this technology (going on since 2005 and to a certain extent, from 2004), everything has to upgrade after a particular time. The supply has to cope up with the increasing, rather greedy demands of the consumer. So here we are with the all new direct-to-home (DTH) television. Now you are your own cable operator.

Two magnaminously strong contenders – Tata Sky (the joint venturdish_tv.jpge between Tata Group and Rupert Murdoch’s Star India) & Subhash Chandra’s (Zee) Dish TV along with small rat’s in this rat race like Doordarshan’s DD Direct (only free-to-air channels – thumbs down) are vying to rope in subscribers across the country.  Well there’s news of some more players trying their luck too, like Kalanithi Maran’s Sun tata_sky.jpgGroup and Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group. Though there is a so called ‘civil war’ going on among these players, the big fight, rather the war is between ‘Cable’ & ‘DTH’. The poor cablewalas will have to upgrade their systems to digital and offer good value additions to stay in market and survive this armageddon.

Basic charecteristics of DTH-
A DTH network consists of a broadcasting centre, satellites, encoders, multiplexers, modulators and DTH receivers.set-up.JPG
The set-up consists of
· A mini-dish to receive signals from the satellite,
· A set-top box called DigicompTM
· A card which is inserted into the set-top box, called the DigicardTM
· A remote control for the set-top box.

All this for what, news channels to show gossips blown out of proportion, covering someones private lives, creating havoc n panic by showing not-to-be-shown disaster scenes, though to an extent they sometimes give genuinely required info but competition is forcing them to make news out of any s***ty thing. More than that, should this technology be used for watching glycerine soaps, saas-bahu melodramas, good start-slack mid-drag end(if any) stories, talent hunts & celeb competitions (both manipulated), movies repeating like daily soaps, music channels got hardly 30% songs(worth watching), rest consists of ads, reality shows, interviews, other channels show’s extensions, bakwaas and yesssss, Himesh bhai. Cartoon Network and channels like Discovery, Nat Geo, Travel & Living are worth a view but that too at some point of time gets into shows which is not of your interest and needs to be switched off. Though these DTH have got some interesting features to offer like gaming, movies on demand, interactive channels and well, digital picture quality and sound is always there, and many such enticing highlights. After all this simplyfied process I am wondering is it still worth opting for this? How more idiot can you make an idiot box? What’s the fate of Cablewala’s? What will happen to Broadband (only cable can offer)? One contender has ‘X’ no. of channels, the other has ‘Y’ no. of channels and Cable got both ‘X’ & ‘Y’ no. of channels. So if the biggie is not able to crack a deal with the best of channels and are bifurcated to be ‘dish’ed out to different service providers, the consumer will end up subscribing 3 to 4 dishes and set top boxes for one TV. Phew!! Atleast I am saved from all this……no no, I do have TV and a petrified(been lately) cable operator too but I always prefer my Laptop over TV, so whatever the changes may be, it would hardly make any difference in my life.
The ‘CAS’ issue is yet to be resolved and here they come with ‘DTH’ to create more shambles.


  1. U’ve dished out a good post. All I can say is wait and watch, competition headon, on the way, in every way.

  2. hmm…thnx 🙂

  3. uv educated me on dis….thank ya”

  4. Welcome Dyna 🙂

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