Posted by: Tuhin | September 18, 2006


Well here I am not talking about any candy/ice-cream flavour or updating about traffic jam just like any RJ, neither I want to talk about…uhh…nature calls 😀 Actually, it’s the state of my mind at the moment, call it writer’s block. Since 2 days I  was feeling the urge of jotting down something. That something, which I never was able to figure out, enthralled my mind to the point of exasperation. Usually I am a kind of writer who would just sit before the LCD screen of this small computer with a microprocessor as its central processor and just go on hitting keys with input signals being experience, thoughts, views, emotions and especially interest. But today I am like, what should I write, rather what do I write?? I start with few words and then I press backspace…again I try to make chain of alphabets just to see them break and scatter all around. This is really getting on my nerves especially when I really want to say something, express, shout it out aloud, that particular thing-a coded mystery in my mind which I’m unable to decipher. Mind wanders like a lonesome ship in the wide ocean looking for a halt at an island. Then you just leave those wheels and let the current decide where it wants the ship to anchor itself. Don’t you think this happens to everyone!!

You want to travel to a destination but you don’t know where and then you plan to go somewhere, you start your journey to some other place, you look the map and decide on something else, you get lost and you head some other direction, you get diverted by storms and violent waves and finally you are washed away to some unknown shore where you never had planned to set off. Should one accept it or pull off and sail again to find a new island of one’s choice???

When mind is blocked with some thought, should one force oneself and think about it or keep everything at bay?


  1. ur lucky…this is nthn new in ma life….im 4evr lost…don wry,sure ull find ur way bak…well written…

  2. Here’s what I do – Don’t think about it at all. At the last minute do whatever comes to my mind. It’s not the best of solutions but it saves my mind the agony of thinking again and again.

    Keep hitting those keys,

  3. thnk u all 🙂

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