Posted by: Tuhin | August 31, 2006

The Drive

I drove along
On a broad straight road
No U-turns
Not a single crossroad
No steep slope
Plane and non-curvy
Yes, dull & boring
But smooth was my journey

Since the day
I hit the gas
Din’t look at rear-view
Din’t see what must’ve pass
Thunders & Twisters
Riding along with me
Seldom saw the Sun
Offering me a smily

Driving all alone
The deserted freeway
I felt this road
Will never meet highway
I was heading focused,
Towards my destiny
To an unknown place,
My faith will take me

No badgering honks
No traffic signals
Barren land with cemetries
Throbbing my pulse
My only companion
My good ol’ radio
Which played nice music
But only ‘Retro’

Far at the horizon
I see the prevalent sky
Meet my never-ending road
Wish my wheels could fly
I believe that’s my goal
That’s my end
I try hard to reach
But it seems to transcend

I hit the accel
Engine gives a mighty roar
I can smell the scent
Burning scent of petrol
Eyes prying into my target
Nothing else on my mind
I feel the sweat dripping
On my neck from behind

Suddenly, I see
A diversion from nowhere
It made me pull off
It changed my Life’s gear
I knew I was distracted
Once and for all
Always knew this diversion
Knew I had no return at all

…to be continued!!!!!


  1. v.v.v.v.v.v.sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!

  2. uv got d rhymes purrrfect!!!

  3. Hmm, make a song out of this 🙂

    Dammit, u’re a good writer!

  4. hi shibani…thnx ya…hmmm i gez i shd start composing 😀

  5. thnx dyna…ya hd 2 rake my head for the rhymes…hee hee

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