Posted by: Tuhin | August 16, 2006

Should I be a Sponge???

Long time back, though not being an avid reader, I read a quote in some 10x-size novel, no it wasn’t LOTR – “Always behave like a sponge and let everything around imbibe within you.” I was just going through that novel in some book store, without any intention of reading it, may be it was summer time and I was trying to cool myself by flicking the pages. For me this statement,at that time, meant, see everything around you, feel everything, smell everything, hear everything, uhh…probably taste everything too…yuck!! Though it din’t mean the way my great philosophical mind figured out, after all I din’t read the whole book. I don’t know when & how, but some how the real meaning easily managed to enter my not-so-busy top floor. It was way beyond practicality, atleast for me. Learn lessons from the incidents around you, acquire knowledge from surroundings, bear all the tribulations, criticism, pain, ignorance, ridiculousness, hurt, gain knowledge, experience every event, accept success, failure, love as well as hatred…in short, soak up all the good as well as bad things around you. This is what a sponge is supposed to do, soak up all types of liquid, ain’t it? Well, should I dare condradict the statement, Y not?

At some point of time the sponge reaches it’s limit, point of saturation, it stinks and starts to blemish. What do we do when such is the state of the sponge? Do we stop using it, do we stop mopping with it, well there are few people who would still go on by making full use of it but others, either replace it with a new one or start cleansing the sponge itself. Oh no no no, I’m not a salesman, I’m not trying to sell you a mop neither I’m trying to teach how to use it in a better way. It’s just that since few days I have been going through a lot and whenever I think of this example of sponge and try to relate it to my state, it just proves to be wrong.

We cannot replace the sponge within us. So when we reach the so called ‘Saturation Point’, we need to squeeze out the liquid so that it can further absorb the excess liquid around, this is just simple Physics. Either empty it in some container or drain it which is confiding to someone or keep it with yourself, trust me it is the most torturous thing to do – my personal experience. Important thing is that one needs to analyse as in which part of the sponge to be emptied. Some dim-wits just chuck out the good part of life just to end up with a bitter replacement. You can’t help from absorbing everything, what matters is that how long you keep it with you or how do you bring it to use for your benefit. There is a whole lot of difference between what you need and what you want.

I am going through the same, differentiating between ‘need’ & ‘want’. Trying to make decisions regarding life, career, friends, love, some petty & some major issues. As you don’t have control on what the sponge will take up, ‘need’ and ‘want’ depends on what you get. Sometimes I feel burdened, lost, indecisive, not contented, alone, sometimes I feel like breaking free from the daily chores and just spend time alone, savouring the freedom of a sky high fying bird. It’s not so easy to keep up to the statement, “Always behave like a sponge and let everything around imbibe within you.”

Well, no complains in going through good, bad and the ugly <<need the theme playing in background :D>>, but wish it was easier to retain good, learn and rectify the bad and filter off the ugly without being forced to make room for new one wahtever it may be. Apparently, when only bad things are going around you, one tends to spurt out the good ones so as to make place for the excess ones. This leads to a confused & miserable life.

Wish life was little simpler & sponges had universal spam controller…


  1. Nice and thought provoking!

  2. thnk u shibs

  3. >>has taught me lots….wen I put myslf in its place, I realizd I wz jus dis person,who absorbd, absorbd, n absorbd…well..things nd 2 b filterd wen dev rchd d saturation level b4 u can absorb mor…..thanx Tuhin,, ill try manipulating dat aspect in me..

    >>food fr thought!

  4. Hey Dyna…ya, do tht…lil diffclt at start bt soon ull master it nd u definately shd…im tryng 2…bt wish my last statemnt cd come true

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