Posted by: Tuhin | August 16, 2006

A Warrior or a Lover?

Hey listen
Gimme your attention
You need to hear this
You can’t run from this
You have lost
Lost the competition

What you still vying for?
You don’t stand a chance
You can’t deny this
You never had a place
The game is over
Over forever

Stop! Please stop beating
Don’t say it again
No one will hear you
Everyone’s deaf
Don’t go on
Don’t keep repeating

Hey Heart
what’s wrong with you?
You are not you
You are no more mine
Do you know that?
You have any clue?

What? Say it again
You still love her?
You decide to wait?
Have you gone crazy?
Arn’t you afraid?
No fear at all?

You have lost the war
Bury your love
Six feet under
You can’t fill empty spaces
I can see your scars
Those thousand scars

Is this ain’t war, a war of love?
arn’t you vying for her?
You got sword of emotions
You got shield of patience
You are armed
Armed for the battle

My Heart says:

Ill die but my eyes won’t
They’ll have dreams
Dreams of being with her
Ill stop beating
But my love will stay
It’ll keep flowing in me

I have her pictures on
All over my muscle tissues
Every drop of blood through me
carries the scent of her
My beats are replaced
Replaced by her name

I surrender myself to her
I want to be her prisoner
Prisoner for life
I was never at war
Since I loved her
I was never yours

I am no warrior, I am in no battlefield
I am a Lover
Who can rage a war
Who can fight the world
To have her in my life
She completes me, she completes my world


  1. hey hey …………. what a poem!!! really beautiful!!! so what should i comment on…?? your selection of the poem or the poem itself?? anyways both are wonderful!!!!

  2. >>Amazingly phrased!

    >>my fav lines-I have her picture………………I was nevr urz. God,,,dez lines hav tooo mch meaning attached to it….xtreamly well written!

    undoubtedly my 2nd fav aftr “shud i b a sponge???”

  3. Hey kru…..dnt wory, comment on both 😀
    thnx newy….

  4. Thnx Dyna 🙂

  5. Hey..Excellent work!! This is something i really missed for quite a few years. I hope u know what i’m tryin to say..

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