Posted by: Tuhin | July 19, 2006

2 minutes Time Machine

It was evening time, I just stepped out of a book stall at Linking Rd, Bandra. Suddenly I saw everything around me going haywire. RTO’s, police, all attemptng to stop the whizzing vehicles and restricting people from crossing roads. Hmm…nicely controlled in few seconds though. Red light was put on at traffic signals. Hush all around. There is a college nearby, even they discontinued their chatting, having chai cutting or getting on their speed demons to hit the roads. Private vehicles, autos, cabs, cylces and all passerby came to an absolute halt. At one point of time I thought it has to be some worthless visit by some useless minister. Then casually my eyes went onto my watch to check time. Hour hand on 6 and minutes hand closing to 5. It was nearing 6.25pm, tuesday – felt a heavy rush in my head, as if I’m in a time machine that took me back in time by a week. Today is that day of last week which changed the whole scenario of aamchi Mumbai in 11 minutes.

7 blasts in 11 minutes in Mumbai Local Trains(western). Today that incident completed 7days, 1st week anniversary of 7/11 tragedy. On this day last tuesday, starting at 6.24pm, a series of dreadful bomb blasts shook Mumbai to death. This incident terrified not just Mumbai, not just India but the whole world. A f***ing shameful act by the d***heads(read terrorist – from which part? still to be confirmed) carried out for some mean reason and the consequences being many precious lives were lost, created havoc all around, non-stop weeping ambulance, bloodbath all over, stranded people on roads. Even after all this tribulation and terror Mumbai, wtih its trembling feet, gets on its toes and gives a whack on those culprit’s stinking butt. In every war there are casualties, in this they were innocent train commuters.

Today those dear ones are remembered again and will be till our last breath. A 2 minute silence from 6.25pm to 6.27pm was held in account of paying homage to those who had to sacrifice their lives.

Standing there at the crossroad, during this 2 minutes period, millions thoughts crossed my mind – recalling last tuesday, the breaking news, lost lives, how I reached home, who are these terrorists doing this unforgivable act, the unity of the Mumbaikars who were present at that very moment, the faces full of condolence, our brave fight against the damage etc. Unfortunately I could not have any major contribution in helping the needy on tht day but by giving this 2 minutes of my time to those train mates, I had a mixture of various emotions running through my mind, some negative, some positive – satisfaction, sadness, pride, helplessness, rage. I could see the same on other faces present there too.

Seconds after 6.27pm everyone dispersed but that silence around me still lingered and was petrifyng. Me and my friend started walking towards the Bandra railway station. We were silent throughout whole walk. On the way we saw a peace rally with banners mentioning about the incident and peace quotes. There was a huge hoarding on the Bandra station facade for the same. As soon as we entered the station we saw a Shradhanjali been created for the deceased (plz chk the snaps). Police were guarding the whole area and some were offering flowers to it and some just bowed down in reverence. Though we say proudly that Mumbai can fight anythngdsc00272.jpg, can have quick recovery from any destruction, I sincerely pray from the core of my heart that please do not let such things to happen at the first place itself. No more blows to Mumbai, it has been through a lot now. Don’t wait till the damage has been dsc00273.jpgdone. Wake up and make the enemies sleep forever.

May the souls of our brothers and sisters whom we lost in 7/11, rest in peace.


  1. >>simply well written!

  2. thnx

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