Posted by: Tuhin | July 17, 2006

A Different World

Kids love them. They would do anything to watch them. They make kids laugh, they make them happy, they are everything for them and they would never make kids cry. One thing I like about them is that they can do any damn thing in the world, sometimes way beyond your imagination. They are “Cartoon Characters”. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry(my fav), Popeye, Johny Bravo, Garfield(another fav of mine), Scooby doo, Bugs & Daffy, the list goes on…
Every character has its own speciality, well you can call it supernatural powers huh!!!:D Do whatever, Jerry can always escape Tom’s paws, Donald can fall from a multi storey apartment or evn if a truck runs over him, he will still get up to catch hold of his naughty nephews(luey, huey & duey), to give them some spanking, Garfield can just laze around doin nothing except, his favourite, EAT Lasagne & kick odie’s butt or be it Popeye, just a can full of spinach, will make twinkling stars and chirping birds merry-go-round Bluto’s head.

Long time ago when a small mouse with a unbelievably long ears hit the television screens, the whole world was flabbergasted. This 2D character swept the world off its feet. Now there are these characters who have become legends viz, Mickey, T & J, Popeye, Bugs etc. And then there are those who are favourites to action loving kids – Pokemon, Swat Kats, Power Puff Girls (eeww!!!) and remember G. I. JOE (wow!!!), etc But this animated segment is burgeoning from quite a time now. Its no more restricted to cartoon networks, Disneys and pogos. Dreamworks, Walt disney, Pixar have created celebrities in this genre like Shrek, Nemo & Dori(Finding nemo), Incredible Family (Incredibles), Sullivan & Mike (Monster Inc.), Alex & Marty (Madagascar), Sid the sloth, Deigo, Mammoth & then the biggest of all, well in regards to fame, THE SCRAT (Ice Age I & II), also Stuart Little & Casper for that matter. Then there are animated Super Heros, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, He- Man, X-Men etc. Then comes those who started of with comic strips to full comic digests – Archies, Asterix, Tintin, Richie rich, now fighting the Gauls, solving mysteries, being a spendthrift in various cartoons channels.

Even we have come off our age in regards to animation so much so that Ramayan is being depicted with the help of 2D/3D animation. Our very own Hanuman, Tenali Raman, Vikram Betaal, Hum & Tum (just timely inserts in Movie HumTum, but great concept), Jadoo (though not animated but a super hero to kids) also (forthcoming) Krishna & Ramayan re-invented. We are no less to the so called foreign biggies in animation. If you ever had a look at the credits to these foreign animated films, you will find many Indian names in their creative team, animators, technicians, etc. Many times work is been outsourced from Indian animation production houses. Though many of the projects, not necessarily all foreign ones but esp Indian, are done in joint ventures, there has been a major contibution of Indian creative minds too. Accepted and well registered up here in my mind that they are way too ahead of us, they have a history in animation but we are soon catching up. May be some less amount of Brain Drain could help. Also as great number of animation ventures being carried out here in India, more oppurtunities should be given to Indian creative minds rather than importing stuff. Soon there will be a Indian 3D animated movie which will be acclaimed and a world wide hit across. So watch out mate!!!!


  1. Very nicely written. Tom & Jerry and Bugs Bunny cartoons are amongst my favourites.

  2. >>Gd 2 knw,,,things like cartoon netwrk cud b smthn ud evn thnk ‘bout(frget writing on it)

  3. lolzzz….i dnt restrict my thghts

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