Posted by: Tuhin | July 1, 2011

Because Of You

Every morning seems a lovely hug as I open my eyes to embrace the day.
Bringing peace, the silent sun-kissed rays enter my heart gently.
Chirping birds sings their pleasant way into my inner soul to serenity.
I breathe in the mesmerising fragrance of the dawn with a smile.
The wind engulfs me with its warmth and leaves me with a freshness of the morning dew.
My day starts with such a beautiful morning ‘coz my morning starts with equally beautiful thought.

I open my eyes to a feeling that you are there for me and that makes my day the brightest and my smile the widest.

You are the reason of all the best moments in my life.

Posted by: Tuhin | July 4, 2010

Drenched In Love

U are the rain that drizzled to satiate me with the soothing scent, like of a soaked earth, when u entered my life at first.

Since then you have always made my life all the more greener with your unconditional showers.

Posted by: Tuhin | May 2, 2010

Born Free, Live Free!

I was born to be wild

Walk on plains graciously

Roar across my territory

Be ferocious but beautifully.

I was born to be wild

Chase my prey when I need

Feast on them with greed

I was made for such deed.

I was born to be wild

Fear no one around

Obey no one’s command

It’s my rule that surround.

I was born to be wild

Not to kill you human

I mean you no harm

Just leave me alone.

I was born to be wild

Not to offer my skin

And my blood for medicine

Please commit no such sin.

I don’t like being captured

I was born free

I don’t like being poached

I was born to live

I was born a Tiger

I was born to be wild and free

Posted by: Tuhin | April 17, 2010

Dreams Unsewn

When dreams shatter,

A whip of those broken promises

Leaves a scar on the heart.

Eyes dips itself in a blood pool

To avoid staring

At its crumbling dreams.

Life goes further deep

Into the darkest of its nightmare

With no return ever.

And past looks on with scorn

At the hope of

Sewing a dream again.

Posted by: Tuhin | April 9, 2010

A Truth

Man-Work relation is the most faithful one. Every true honesty, hard work & belief invested is reciprocated by rewarding gestures. No deceit. No infidelity.



Posted by: Tuhin | April 5, 2010

Good >> Bad >> Worse >> ….

Being good went bad. Being bad made it even worse. Being worse might do some good.

Posted by: Tuhin | March 27, 2010


I feel I’m inside somebody. I don’t really know who is he.

I don’t even have an idea if he is aware of me.

I feel petrified by the thought of what he might do to me.

I don’t get to hear much, as he is always very silent.

But there are times when I hear a weeping sound.

I feel some kinda pricking all over me whenever he does that.

But he wouldn’t hear my shrieks.

He stuffs too many emotions and thoughts inside that suffocates me all the more.

I squall out aloud but in vain. He never listens to me.

I know that I’ll never get to come out of him and worse is, I get scared with every passing day.

I can’t live, I can’t die, I got no choice but to sit here and watch him destroy.

Posted by: Tuhin | February 28, 2010


In this dreary walk of life,

I discovered what I’m made of.

I reinvented my being,

I changed myself to adapt.

Nothing helped me believe,

The role of a soul, I was taught

So I climbed over the highest mountain,

I plunged into the deepest ocean,

I looked beyond the infinite stars,

I scoured inside the warmest hearts,

Nothing gave me the truth,

The real purpose of a soul.

Finally I gave into the cruel fate,

That laid in front of me.

I submerged my flesh and bones,

Under the placid tear pool.

This didn’t aid me either

But my soul stopped bothering me.

Posted by: Tuhin | February 6, 2010

Eyeing The Nature #5

Posted by: Tuhin | February 6, 2010

Eyeing The Nature #4

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